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DO NOT Forget About Your Roof This Fall

Roofing in Chesterfield

Most people are guilty of neglecting the roof over their head at just one occasion or another; the thought just simply does not cross our minds until it quits operating or it springs a leak. And once your roof has begun to leak, you should not ignore it or delay it off for one more day and contact a professional for Chesterfield roofing. Roof leaks are detrimental for any structure and can cause problems such as damaged drywall, water stains, decay, mold, and even structural issues.

If your roof is leaking, do not wait for the cost of repair to escalate. The best solution is to contact a local Chesterfield roofing contractor that is known for reliability like Gateway Brothers Construction is. Our factory-certified experts will thoroughly investigate your roof, determine the point of origin of the leak, and quickly repair it correctly.

The most common causes of roof leaks are:

  • Flashing - Used to seal open joints from letting water penetrate into a home. When it gets eroded or damaged it is a chief culprit for causing a roof leak.
  • Shingles - Small problems can lead to big ones, especially when it comes to shingle damage. Even the smallest little holes can allow water to penetrate in a serious storm with wind-driven rain or hail behind it.
  • Skylights - While offering beautiful natural light from the outdoors into our home, skylights rank high on the list for allowing water to enter.
  • Age - When a traditional asphalt shingle roof reaches the age of twenty years and beyond, it is most likely time to replace it.

If you are struggling with a roof leak it is important to take action immediately!!!

Our professionally trained and certified Chesterfield roofing experts will help you with a FREE comprehensive inspection of your entire roofing system, along with a detailed plan for action and no-obligation estimate. Taking immediate action once you discover a leaky roof can prevent you from needlessly spending thousands of dollars on expensive repair bills.


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October 7, 2020
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