Differences Between Roof Replacement and Re-roofing in Chesterfield

Maintaining the condition of your roofing in Chesterfield, MO is a significant investment. However, this might result in the best return on investment (ROI). According to reports, a new roof may recoup more than 60% of its initial cost when a property is resold. It is estimated that more than a third of real estate brokers place the importance of having the roof restored on their listings.

Don’t put off fixing your roof if it’s in poor condition. However, deciding between re-roofing and roof replacement is a major consideration when improving a roof. What are the distinctions? To address that question, let’s look at both. This will also assist you in determining which choice is best for you.

What Exactly Is Re-roofing?

Roofing in Chesterfield, MO.

It should come as no surprise that a roof restoration is both faster and less expensive than a complete roof replacement. Roofing professionals in Chesterfield will replace any worn shingles with a new shingle overlay while doing a roof repair. This not only improves the aesthetic of your roof but also adds a layer of protection against leaks.

Re-roofing is a possibility if your roof has only one layer of shingles. On the other hand, building codes make it impossible to fix a roof that already has two layers of shingles. In this instance, a complete roof replacement is required.

Your roof materials and pitch are two more criteria that might rule out reroofing. If you have serious water damage, damp shingles, or missing shingles, re-roofing is not an option. Finally, a re-roof isn’t as long-lasting as a roof replacement.

If you’re not sure if re-roofing your home is the right option for you, call a local Chesterfield roofing company for advice. They’ll make sure your re-roofing job conforms with local building requirements, giving you the greatest satisfaction and peace of mind possible.

Roof Replacement: What Is It?

You can get a new roof at any time, but if your roof deck is damaged, it’s even more important to get a new roof. Roofing professionals will need to remove all of the existing shingles from the roof in order to reveal the roof deck. Then a new underlayment or felt will be installed. The roof deck will be protected from the weather. Roofing professionals will then replace the shingles on the roof deck, which should last at least 20 years.

Construction worker putting the asphalt roofing (shingles) in Chesterfield, MO with nail gun on a new frame house.

As opposed to re-roofing in Chesterfield, Missouri, this will fix all of your roof’s issues, as opposed to merely covering up any damage. If your roof deck is severely damaged, your roofer will need to repair it to avoid future damage. Water can seep down into the walls through holes beneath, causing drywall and flooring damage.

This type of damage can be costly to remediate. As a result, while roof replacement is expensive, it will save you money in the long term. This is because it helps you detect early indicators of drooping and rust on the deck caused by water damage. As a result, a complete roof replacement will include complete roof leak repairs.

Roofing in Chesterfield is Our Specialty

We respect a job well done at Gateway Brothers Construction, which is why we invest in continual training and education to stay current on the manufacturer’s newest recommendations, standards, and local codes. We only take on a limited number of roofing and construction tasks in Chesterfield, MO to guarantee that we are specialists in those industries, rather than trying to take on every job and failing miserably due to a lack of expertise or training.